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Important Note: Eric's Computer Service is now closed.
This page remains published for historical reference.

Eric's Computer Service - History

Picture of Adelaide Elementary School -- the location of the original catalyst sparking the beginning of Eric's Computer Service.  Note: this picture is borrowed from the school's website.

In 1995, the science teacher for Adelaide Elementary School who was also responsible for the maintenance of the school's computers, Michael Feuling, was faced with a problem:  Although funds allowed him to quickly purchase a large upgrade for the school's office productivity software [ClarisWorks 4.0], the deployment / installation process was going to take him a long time to complete.  Making the situation worse, if he were to slowly deploy the new software across the school's computers, then there would exist a period of time (the transitional phase) in which he would have to support both versions of the software, leading to an increased overall cost for support [in terms of time and money].  Public schools simply do not have time or money to waste, and so Michael Feuling needed help.

This is a picture of Johnny Hu -- Eric's long time best friend and partner for the Adelaide software deployment. Knowing that Eric Wagenhals and his best friend Johnny Hu were the type of people who always wanted to help and were responsible, trustworthy, knowledgeable in computers, Michael Feuling asked Eric and Johnny for help.  At that time, automated software deployment via network and server was still new technology, generally unheard of, and therefore unavailable for the  project.  Therefore, a manual brute-force style computer-by-computer deployment was necessary.  Michael Feuling knew that having three people work on the project instead of one would reduce the amount of time needed to complete the project as a whole by 66%.  He was right, and together, the three of us completed the project far ahead of schedule.  Thanks to our help, the school was able to deploy its software upgrade in a timely manner while keeping costs to a minimum.  This elementary school project was the catalyst, so-to-speak, which started it all.

A few years later, Eric became tired of listening to his father come home from work each night complaining about the computers at work.  They always seemed to crash, and they were the types of crashes that Eric had become particularly good at fixing through his own experience.  Seeing that he could probably help, Eric met with the owner of the company his dad worked with and negotiated an agreement to fix their computer problems.  The owner liked what Eric had done so much, that he hired him immediately.

A picture of Eric Wagenhals, the founder of Eric's Computer Service.  Picture by L'Wood Photography of Federal Way. While Eric worked for the company, he completed a relatively large company-wide computing infrastructure upgrade, which included the design and implementation of a high-speed network, data server, and set of high-speed workstations.  His efforts helped the company meet clients' needs, become more efficient to prevent wasted time and money, and most importantly, Eric fixed the problem his father was complaining about.

Over time, the people that Eric worked for spread word of the help he had provided them, and Eric started receiving requests for help outside the company he worked for.  It eventually became necessary for Eric to leave the company in order to start his own company called Eric's Computer Service, which became officially licensed for business operations within Washington State in 2003.

Since then, Eric's Computer Service has helped people in many different industries, including designers, real estate appraisers, engineers, manufacturers, retailers, and medical doctors.  Difficult computing problems are solved including recovery from software corruption, viruses (including spyware and malware), and other forms of data loss.  Eric's Computer Service also builds custom designed computers, media centers, servers, workstations, and networks.

Eric's Computer Service is founded on the idea of helping people through creativity, innovation, and quality.

About Eric

The history of Eric's Computer Service would be incomplete without knowing about Eric Wagenhals -- the company founder.  For more information about Eric Wagenhals, visit his personal website here: