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Important Note: Eric's Computer Service is now closed.
This page remains published for historical reference.

Investor Relations FAQ

Is Eric's Computer Service publicly traded?

Unfortunately, Eric's Computer Service is not a publicly traded company at this time.

Does ECS offer franchising opportunities?

No, Eric's Computer Service / ecsHelpDesk does not franchise its rights anywhere in the world.

I wish to invest in Eric's Computer Service / ecsHelpDesk. Who should I talk to?

Please visit the Contact Us page to contact Eric directly.

Does ECS invest in other companies?

All prudent investors and business owners recognize the value of diversification. We are currently reviewing a plethora of investment opportunities, including specifically a small investment into Emerson Radio Corporation. (AMEX: MSN)

Some frequently asked questions

On this page, you should find answers to some frequently asked questions pertaining to investors.

Further questions?  Visit the Contact Us page to find out how to ask your question and have it answered!