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Important Note: Eric's Computer Service is now closed.
This page remains published for historical reference.

Privacy Statement

Eric's Computer Service, as well as the ECS website maintains the following strict privacy statements:

Some data recovery services require a technician to literally go through one's files, and even if the technician is not actually reading those files, it can be unnerving. To ameliorate this concern, all clients are assured the same professional level of privacy as they would receive from a medical professional in a health care setting.

Generally, a medical professional may report to proper authorities if he or she receives information that a patient is planning to harm another person or himself. In only a small number of other cases may a medical professional break the promise of privacy. Otherwise, they are not allowed to divulge private information to anyone.  In much the same manner, clients' information is held strictly confidential here at Eric's Computer Service.

Data recovery projects are protected from unauthorized access via strong private key passwords, public key cryptosystems, and/or other software or hardware-based protection mechanisms.

Eric's Computer Service reserves the right to divulge information to proper authorities in circumstances where harm is involved.

This privacy statement may be modified at any time to improve specificity or to make other changes deemed necessary in order to support strong privacy and ethical principles.

How is my data protected?

Data is typically secured and protected behind a system with strong private key cryptography disallowing unauthorized access.

Data from recent recovery projects typically lingers in Eric's recovery system for an indeterminate period of time (Eric is delete-phobic for your protection!) and then eventually gets deleted to make room for newer projects. 

This queue-style deletion policy ensures a buffer:  in case something goes wrong, a client's data is not lost, as it can still be retrieved for some time.

Clients may request immediate deletion of private data.

It should be noted that in the 10 years Eric has been in business, he has never divulged private data and has never needed to turn to authorities.